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College admissions and financial aid processes are complex, confusing, and time-consuming. Colleges require many pieces of information to be submitted, under multiple deadlines. The penalties for mistakes can be costly, and result in missed college admission opportunities and financial aid grants.

EdMD' gives you peace of mind by helping you navigate the college admissions and financial aid processes, ensuring

  • Your student applies to the best schools for their capabilities, career goals, and learning style
  • College and financial aid applications are submitted completely, on time, and with no mistakes made in the application process,
  • You see the best results from the college and financial aid application processes.

EdMD offers more personalized service for your student's needs than high school college counselors can typically provide because we get to know your student's unique combination of needs, capabilities, and college and career ambitions.

Only EdMD offers you the choice of affordable semi-private workshops, or private one-on-one counseling, to help you successfully complete the college admissions and financial aid processes. Each EdMD session will result in the completion and submission of the college or financial aid application itself.

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