Financial Aid is a Necessity for my Student to Attend Collegeasdasdasd sadasd sadasdas

The financial aid application process is complex and time consuming, and requires the submission of large amounts of information on very specific dates. Plus, different schools require different financial aid application processes. EdMD has over 9 years of experience helping families just like yours successfully navigate the difficult and time-consuming college acceptance and college financial aid process. EdMD can ensure that no mistakes are made in your financial aid submissions process, which is crucial since mistakes often mean reduced financial aid awards, or even losing your eligibility for financial aid altogether.

EdMD provides you with college admissions and financial aid counseling that will help you complete your college applications, optimize your college acceptance rates, and help you take advantage of the most financial aid awards possible. EdMD helps you:

  • Design your high school academic course load to meet the requirements for your desired colleges
  • Lead you and your student through the college admissions process, helping you select universities that align with your student's learning style and personality, and the expected costs of schools given your estimated financial aid package
  • Lead you and your student through the financial aid process

EdMD also knows that you have limited resources to help your student, so EdMD has created a semi-private workshop setting to help your student complete the college admissions and financial applications to the colleges of their choice. EdMD's college admissions and financial aid workshops take you through the application process from start to finish. You can choose just the workshops focusing on the universities your student is interested in applying to. You choose only the workshops for the colleges your student is going to apply to, keeping your costs to a minimum.

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