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EdMD delivers the complete college counseling solution your student needs to complete high school with all university requirements met, to apply to appropriate universities, and to successfully navigate the college financial aid process.

EdMD uniquely allows you to choose between one-on-one counseling and semi-private workshops, or a combination of both, in order to select the best combination of service within your budget.

Whichever counseling option you select, all college acceptance counseling sessions will result in your student having completed their college applications, and financial aid counseling sessions will result in the completion of the FAFSA and CSS financial aid applications.


High School Academic Planning

High School course planning, including AP and Honors courses, to ensure that your student's course selection aligns with the requirements of their desired universities.


College Admissions Counseling
  • Our Best fit College Search provides you and your student with specific recommendations for the colleges they will be most successful at based upon their academic achievements, learning style, major selection, and financial considerations
  • College applications – Our college application workshops and counseling helps your student fully and accurately complete applications for the colleges they are applying to, manage the submission process, and ensure that all required information is submitted on time
  • College Resume counseling helps your student create the content for their college resume, specifically focusing on the content in order to make the resume most effective


Financial Planning and Aid Counseling
  • Financial Profile – Match your financial profile to the colleges that will likely offer you the most need or merit based aid based upon your unique circumstances
  • Calculate your Expected Family Contribution – Based upon the Federal (FAFSA) and Institutional (CSS Profile) Methodologies
  • Complete the FAFSA and CSS applications
  • Financial Planning to Reduce Expected Family Contribution – May be able to reduce your EFC
  • Financial Review – Analyze your income, savings, debt, taxes and retirement plan to calculate the best strategy to pay for college after any financial assistance from the school
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